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At Flaum Management, our best-in-class property management team in Rochester, NY has successfully executed development in all facets of real estate throughout the Northeast. But we take the most pride in developing relationships: nurturing business, witnessing growth, and embracing the wide-ranging assets of our region’s commercial landscape.

Even with our industry-leading track record and our diverse portfolio, we remain a family business at heart. Choose Flaum Management for office leasing, office real estate, commercial rentals and more!

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What People Are Saying About Us...

  • Pia S. Avatar
    Pia S.
    6/27/2018 - Google

    We are very happy tenants of Flaum Management. They are very responsive and professional. We have enjoyed their hospitality at concerts and events in the area. Highly recommended!

  • Gregg W. Avatar
    Gregg W.
    5/22/2018 - Google

    Great team to work with!

  • Alex O. Avatar
    Alex O.
    6/15/2018 - Google

    They are a great landlord. I have worked with many Landlords in the past 25 years and Flaum is the best. Their response time to issues is very timely and they are a pleasure to do business with. I recommend looking for Flaum buildings if you are in the market for Space.

  • Kathleen B. Avatar
    Kathleen B.
    7/19/2018 - Google

    excellent team. Professional, responsive, friendly.

  • Rick A. Avatar
    Rick A.
    7/20/2018 - Google

    We are having excellent experience as Flaum landlord. We feel lucky.